[tobacco industry] Obama signs new anti-smoking legislation

Yeah I know, you have read the article elsewhere. But the real questions haven’t been answered. What are they going to rebrand all of the “Light” cigarette brands as? Camel Lights will become Camel Air? Won’t people confuse this with a Turkish Airline? And more importantly, what will we call Marlboro Lights? Undead reporter Farrah Jane Mondejar of reviewstream.com has this to say:

Marlboro Lights is the cigarette brand that I patronize. It tastes just right and since it’s lights, the nicotine content is not too high. The smell is also not as irritating as the other brands and not that strong. One complaint that I have about this product is that it’s not as cheap as it used to be. I smoke almost a pack a day and the price just for one pack blows me away. I really hope they think about lowering down their price. Almost everyone I know smokes this brand and I am sure they have millions of consumers worldwide. I the fact though that they have lots of ongoing promotions and the brand is available almost everywhere I go. I also like the packaging of the product, very stylish and compact. I only complain about the price, they are a known brand but I hope i am not just paying for the brand name itself. I also like collecting their stuff like caps, lighters, bags, shirts and cigarette cases. They all are very fashionable and almost all of them comes in my favorite color which is red. I hope they could soon invent smokeless cigarettes for the benefit of my friends who do not smoke, that would be nice. Same flavor and satisfaction without the smell is a fabulous idea.