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Product Description:
I glanced back up the street. I couldn’t see any fire so my kidnappers must’ve been able to put it out. Which meant they could be after me any second. Which meant I had to get out of sight… Jason Chen learns of a strange and powerful machine lurking in his neighbour’s backyard. Mrs Bryant is supposed to be weird, but she buys fish and chips from his parents’ caf so he thinks she can’t be too bad. But Mrs B has a secret. And when she says she can’t succeed in her dangerous mission without him, Jason agrees to join her for a ride in her Time Banana. They travel back to the 1860s, with the Great Fire of Brisbane looming. Knowing what they do about the Present, do they dare to tinker with the Past? It’s a thrilling adventure neither of them – or you – will forget…

“The cool thing about this book is the technology within the time banana. It runs OS X and has a neural-net processor.

What Jason fails to realize is that by toying with the time banana, he is changing the course of modern times.

Oceans rise. Cities Fall. Hope Survives.”

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PAO Sports Talk

Do you play tennis? Recent surveys conclude that 90% of readers on Pineappleope.com actually do play tennis! “Its a skilled sporting experience and not for the faint of heart” says avid reader HotBeth4U. She went on to talk alot about balls, and honestly she went a bit too far – despite making things very interesting in the discussion.

So do you play? Or do you think its a bit too.. sissy?