[3D Balls] How to create true-to-life anatomical features in 3D – (hint – damn, its easy!)

Note – PAY ATTENTION TO THE CAPTIONS. Else you will learn nothing.

The crew behind the nuts:

  • @IrregularShed -That’s hilarious.. so political. Deaf people will be very confused.
  • I particularly liked the strangely poetic “I understand the kind of dropped and natives pain and Nancy know nobody’s”
  • my favorite’s gotta be, @2:15 ish when he describes a war going to pentecostal far on these for golf. yeah that it’s going on out there and making alot bigger one more segment for little be detail more plants.
  • Oh my god.. this is amazing
  • I want to put them in my mouth. For real. They look ThAT GOOD.
  • One of the best ball tutorials I’ve ever watched…