jungle blow gun
You’ve come to the right place for blow gun reviews. Recently, had a chance to review a blow gun, a Jungle Blow Gun, the JBG. Probably one of the most awesome weapons available on the internet, the JBG is outstanding. The JBG was purchased online at This website has tons of blowguns. The JBG we reviewed was a .44 Cal with Urban Camo paint job. It came with assorted darts to blow, including broadheads. These darts are the real thing, one dart to the eye could easily cause eye-loss or death.

The JBG came with one warning: Do not aim at anything you do not intend to kill. I was completely satisfied with the JBG’s potential to cause harm, it is quite deadly. The accuracy was also outstanding. The JBG is able to carry extra ammo in its quivers. The JBG has the ability to make any occasion special.

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