[PAO Finance] What to do with your Tax Return Money

So, you’ve given your money to Uncle Sam interest-free for a year, and you’re delighted to get a fat fuckin refund. Now what?

If you enjoy getting a fat refunds, you’re not alone. Last year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued checks for 101 million refunds totaling about $215 billion. The number of refunds this year is expected to be about the same, but the total amount refunded is projected to increase slightly.

The IRS says the average refund this year is $2,371–up from $2,182 last year. I, myself got $177 back, however, this year’s average is likely to drop a little as the April 15 filing deadline approaches because those anticipating fat refunds file early, while those expecting a piddling amount let things slide, like myself.

When your government cash money arrives, don’t get lost, we have plenty of ideas for your money:

1. Buy Something Big – Whether its a Car or a Roxy Jezel Doggie Style Ass and Pussy found in the PAO Store, now is the best time to buy it, only because you have extra cash.

2. Pay off Gambling debt – You’ve been losing money all year making poor bets, you’re up to your eyes in debt… why not pay off your gambling debt? Probably because your going to buy the Roxy Jezel Doggie Style Ass and Pussy, instead.

3. Invest in yourself – Buy a new suit to look good, to make more green and to get chicks interested in guys wearing suits.

4. Bribe someone – Extra money burning holes in all of your pockets is not ideal. Get someone to do something they wouldn’t normally want to do, blow your money on a bribe.

5. Order an Escort – You’ve worked hard all year and haven’t laid many hot chicks. Now is your chance. Escorts are legal prostitutes and will do pretty much whatever, in my experience, as long as you keep the cash flowing. You can keep the cash flowin longer with your refund!

6. Be the guy on Teens for Cash – Self Explanatory

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