Facebook, the new Myspace? Pineappleope.com Full Coverage

traffic_lights1Pineappleope.com has Myspace. Pineappleope.com has friendster. Prineappleope.com is Linkedin. Pineappleope.com has AdultFriendFinder.

It looks as though there is a new player, a seemingly major player, in the social networking scene (sns). Sitting comfortably in position 4 in the social networking scene (sns), behind Pineappleope.com, Myspace and AdultFriendFinder, Facebook has been receiving mucho traffic. It is said, within the next 5 weeks facebook traffic will surpass Myspace.

What does this mean for Pineappleope.com? Well, it doesn’t appear that Facebook is taking any percentages of Pineappleope.com’s traffic. Facebook is, in fact, according to google analytics, SENDING large quantities of eye traffic over to Pineappleope.com. Fact, the last few days have seen massive record amounts of traffic coming from Facebook to Pineappleope.com.

Whether or not Facebook is the new Myspace, Pineappleope.com is raking in dough at the expense of Facebook. Raking it in.

Great Job Team

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