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[Countdown] Worst Summer Vacation Spots

By Travis Travel

family vacation5. Any trip anywhere with children. Kids are basically the worst ever and will ruin almost any occasion. They seriously put a damper on everything and turn their formerly cool parents into complete pussys. Just see the facts for youself. According to a recent tripenator study average bedtime when on vacation without kids is approximately 3:23 am, Average number of alcoholic drinks consumed was 14 per day, average number of hand sandwiches was 3 per day. Now the figures for Vacations with Children are as follows. 10:04 pm was avg bedtime, avg number of alcoholic drinks consumed per day was ΒΌ. And zero hand sandwiches were had as a result of kids being there. Kids themselves are a fairly effective form of birth control.

4. Land Locked States – why would people go to a landlocked state? You can’t swim there because there is no ocean and the lakes are typically grubby with fallen oak tree leaves. A recent poll found that swimming is the #1 activity people on vacation want to do. So if you cant swim its pretty safe to say you will have a bad vacation, therefore going to a landlocked state would be a terrible choice.

3. South America – due to the Earth tilt, it is winter in the Southern hemisphere during Northern Hemisphere summer. So if its nice and warm at home why would you want to be freezing again?

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