5 Terribly Awesome Examples Of Porn Acting

“The New York Times recently ran this article, about how porn movies are adapting to the internet world by ditching the plotlines of their films in favor of more f*cking. Basically, that means no more cheezy scenes with the cable repair guy coming to the door and making sexual innuendos. That’s like a retarded kid wearing a jacket without his name on it: sure, it’s probably fine that it’s not there, but when people notice it’s missing, they just get the impression that the person responsible for it doesn’t care all that much. Nonetheless, this move means the end of the second best thing about porn: really, really terrible acting and dialogue. Therefore, we’ve compiled some of the best non-sex porn clips in homage to the way porn used to be.” w/ videos

via UniqueDaily.com – 5 Terribly Awesome Examples Of Porn Acting.