This Weekend, Join Staff

largest larp of allThis weekend, prepare for biggest LARP ever. Ever. Enforced PAO staff will enter into the biggest LARP ever. Ever in order to end ’08 on one perfect note.

Not up on your larp? Player actions in the real world represent character actions in an imaginary or fake setting. Game rules, physical symbols and real improvisation are used to bridge any differences between the real world and the setting. For example, a rope could signify an imaginary wall, but its not really a real wall you see.

Participants can be involved in a LARP in a number of ways. The GMs determine the fictional framework of a LARP. Crew members assist the gamemasters. The players take on roles called player characters that are controlled by the GMs tightly maintaining a narrative. Real weapons such as blunt metal swords or firearms loaded with blanks are used. Mc Chill set to host.


Directions, Time, registration form, and LARP video after the break, click below
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