[Seasons] Bikini Surf Season is Upon Us

Warm weather is headed our way. Both the East and West coast Pineappleope.com offices are predicting the weather will be getting warmer over the next several months.


What this all means is, Bikini Surf Season is drawing near. Its the season when thick wet-suits and bulky dry-suits are replaced with miniature water clothing, bikinis.

What you can look forward to:




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[Brazilian Fire Tornado] Nature’s equivalent of the middle finger

Yeah, here’s Momma Nature giving Brazil a big, fat, stinky, F-U!! That’s right, its a fire tornado. Straight outta your worst nightmare. Check it.

They sayers

  • If I had to die in a natural disaster I’d at least hope it’d be in something half as cool looking as that infernado.
  • its not fake lol its all over the news not only brazil i just saw it on the news in finland had to youtube that shit very cool stuff 😀
  • And FYI people there is a scientific reason for this. The warm air from the fire mixed with the cooler atmosphere. This created the tornado which managed to pull the fire into it creating it. We need to change but God won’t destroy us.
  • wtf is up with the world nothing but disasters :/ god is angry or its the end of the times
  • [PIC] MyVibe Thighs-On : First, Best, Hottest iPhone Vibrator App #sex

    iphone_girlIf you havent already checked out MyPleasure.coms MyVibe app in the iPhones app store, you might want to. Unlike many saucy apps out there, MyVibe is free—and fun.

    Here’s how it works: There’s an on/off button that looks like many computer on/offs so it’s easily recognizable. On the right there are up and down arrows to control your vibration – short, quick pulses (smaller #s) or longer slower ones (higher #s, up to 100).

    The intensity of the vibration MyPleasure could use for this app is obviously limited by the amount of vibration that the iPhone offers, so the orgasmic potential of the MyVibe app is similarly limited. However, orgasms—while fun—aren’t everything.

    Anticipation, teasing and seduction play a major role in many people’s sex lives. Why not turn on the app, hold the iPhone discreetly against your body while on the metro, in a cab or at work as you exchange sultry IMs or Twitter DMs with your real life partner or dream partner? Having a little vibration can add excitement and tingles to your day (and your genitals). [MyVibe via My Sex Professor]

    via Gizmodo – MyVibe Thighs-On: First iPhone Vibrator App Approved by Apple NSFW – MyVibe.


    [girls][fishing] PAO expose: the Girls of Salt Water Fishing

    Fishing often attracts two polar opposite groups of people. Overweight, annyoing dudes, and hot, young ladies. Also, 20yr old Brazilians, of course – but they are in the second party.

    Until recently, little was known about the interactions of these hot ladies, and the fat dudes. Well, as it turns out – the truth is stunning, shocking, and HAS to be seen to be believed!