[Obamarama] White House Drama: 100 Days of Obama

obama on phone in oval officePresident Obama has had 100 days to do magical things as the most powerful man on the planet of earth. Has he lived up to Pineappleope.com’s expectations? In one word, no.

Where are the promised soda machines in the PAO cafeteria? Where is my $100,000 stimulus check? Why are Pontiac’s not going to be manufactured any longer? Why is there a Portuguese water dog living in the White House?

Where did Obama’s first 100 days in office go wrong?

All signs point to this:
On his first day in office, Obama talked on the phone in the Oval Office without a jacket, breaking tradition.

Yes, Obama appears to be a bit flaky … but truth is, he has several more 100 days in office. Will Obama redeem himself? Time will tell