[Swimsuit Models] Kathy Ireland Topless Pics Released, YESSS

Here she is, Kathleen Marie “Kathy” Ireland, born March 20, 1963. An American former model, actress, CEO and designer of her eponymous brand product marketing company, Kathy Ireland Worldwide. She can now be found on PAO… semi-nekkid

What you’ve been waiting for since the early ’90s >>>

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  1. I remember watching a Sports Illustrated video about shooting for the cover of the swimsuit issue when Kathy was on the cover. they didn’t show any technical nudity, but they showed the lady in charge pulling Kathy’s bikini top away from her breasts and pouring an entire jug of ice water all over Kathy’s breasts. For the purposes of making the shot as eye-cathing as possible, the lady in charge wanted Kathy’s nipples to be standing out as dramatically as possible through the nearly sheer fabric of Kathy’s yellow bikini top. The effect of the ice water on Kathy’s nipples was very sudden and very intense. Kathy shuddered and smiled and waved slowly from side to side.

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