Swedish Embroidery 101.

Everyone has to start somewhere. That’s why we, here at PAO, produced this video for old people. It is the edited version, as corporate policy dictates that we do not advertise how to search for “adult situational material” for free. However, if you would like the second class on how to google your yahoo, all you have to do is Register. We’ll take care of the rest. For now, draw your own conclusions.

Please note, as we forgot to mention in the video, that “swedish embroidery” no longer exists. It has been replaced by SCS. So just googhoo “SCS” and your tool will assist you.

3 Replies to “Swedish Embroidery 101.”

  1. you cant reach inside your screen to move things around……. i can

    …treat the mouse button as if it were hot, as if it were a potato, in the game hot potato. you want to get rid of it… or release it, as soon as possible…

  2. Thank you, Surfing for seniors.

    My grandmother came over for Thankgiving and spotted my new iMac. Excitedly, she told me she recently learned how to surf the web. About a half hour into it she was able to open the browser.

    And then it happened – my mouse went airborne, hit floor. I BALKED.

    “What the hell, gram !?!?! ”

    “Hot Potato?”

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