[Sucking] Does venom sucking kill you?

Imagine it. You’re in the woods with a stripper. The sun is shining, the birds are singing — you’re feeling large and in charge. Then the unthinkable happens — as you push over your hooker, a snake beneath it lurches out and sinks its fangs into your face. Only one idea sears your brain – If you get bitten by a snake, suck out the venom. Frantically, you grab that ho and to tell her to start sucking, HARD. She says no, she might DIE. OH SHIT. Keep reading to find out if she’s right, or if she’s just a lying, dirty ho-bag!

Is she right? Or, is she just a cocktease who should be crossed off your payment list?

Here’s your answer: Most likely, your stripper friend wouldn’t die from sucking down that snake venom. But if she has an open wound or herpes in or around her mouth, the venom could enter her bloodstream, which is pretty, pretty bad. On the flipside, her supple mouth, more than most human mouths, is stocked full of germs that could cause infection in your wound. So, either way you slice it, venom-sucking isn’t a winning solution. SHIT. Now what?

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