Straight From the Trenches: Xmas Edition

Our Middle East Correspondence, Rambo:
(Minor edits have been made to hide identities)

Rambo: i got a Jelly of the Month Club from (boss),
he gave me 100 Dollar Xmas bonous Reporter: HAHAHAHAHHAA

Rambo:fucking shit head
first year Reporter: JELLY!?!??!!?
are yu kidding?!?!?!?!

Rambo: i had never gotten paid, and he gave me 100 bucks Reporter:what an ass

Rambo: no no no ….

Rambo: Clark W Griswold got a Jelly of the Month Club membership
in Christmas Vacation
he was planning this awesome pool in his backyard
they didnt get the bonus
so he kidnapped his boss Reporter: hahahhahahahahah
thats so awesome

Rambo: i should have kidnapped (boss)

m4-sopmod-poster1Rambo: dude my M4 is so sick
it really is
completely custom
custom stock
Flash Suppresor
short upper barrel
pistol girp
see through plastic magazines Reporter:hahahahahahahahahahah

Rambo: state of the art polymer
EO Tech Hollow site Reporter: no way?!!? see through magazines??

Rambo: yes
so i can see when i am gettin low
Sure Fire Flash Light
pressure switch
visible and IR laser
that i only use to fuck around Reporter: really?? it has all that ???

Rambo: and put red dots on everyones foreheads
which is kind of really not considered good practice
they dont like it
but I do
and i put my surefire in everyones faces
my light
they get mad


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