Stalker Alert

One of our employees, lets just call this person Pete, has found himself seeking a permenent restraining order against a man he believes is stalking him, who has made pete fear for the safety of himself and his friends and pets.

According to papers filed by the employee in Los Angeles Superior Court, and obtained by me, Pete claims J. Aron Largebuck, 68, has been “stalking and harassing” him and allegedly turned up at his home multiple times, claiming God sent him visions related to Pete.

In his declaration, Pete claims that Largebuck first surfaced in 2002, and “engaged in obsessive and harassing behavior.” The employee claims he sent him “multiple packages and letters containing delusional and paranoid thoughts,” and followed him “around the country, through multiple different states.”

He claimed that he “resurfaced” within the last year and “his obsessive and harassing behavior has escalated to the point of becoming dangerous and threatening.”

“He has now shown up at my private residence and has repeatedly expressed his belief that God has sent him a vision of me being ‘violated’ in some manner that might result in my death or worse,” his statement continued.

Pete said he fears “not only for my personal safety, but also for the safety and well being of those that I love and care about most, including my pets and my friends.

On Nov. 7, a judge issued a temporary restraining order, requiring the 6-foot-1, 145-pound man to stay at least 100 yards away from the employee and not contact Pete, his friends, or pets.

In issuing the restraining order, the judge deemed there was a “credible threat of violence.”

In the request for the permanent restraining order, Doug Bridstien of Galawank Protective Services, who was hired by Pete, claims the man’s behavior toward the employee has “escalated to such a degree,” that he believes, “Mr. Largebuck poses and immediate threat to Pete and Pete’s personal and bodily security.”

Bridstien said in his court declaration that in Largebuck’s recent letters to Pete, he “repeatedly referred to Pete as a ‘good Christian’ and described a vision of him being ‘violated.’”

A judge is expected to rule on the request in court on Thursday.

We here at are placing bets on whether or not the restraining order will become permentent and will follow this story until its conclusion.

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