[Spring Cleaning] Spring has Sprung, Get your Maids Out

End of winter has passed, spring is here due to the unseasonable weather. That means its time to dust off your maids and put them to work. If you have survived maid-less this long, its about time you retrieve one.

Lucky for our readers, we have an official spring cleaning 2012 check list to get your maids on their way!

1. Have your maid set aside at least a week for a thorough spring cleaning. Work from one end of your house to the other.

2. Dust lighting fixtures.


3. Wash walls and trim

4. Wash doors, knobs and switch plates.

5. Sweep and scrub floors.

6. Dust furniture.

7. Remove everything from closets. wash closet walls if necessary. Sweep and wash closet floor. Put everything back neatly. Donate items you no longer need. Do not store things on closet floor.

8. Wash windows and window sills. Take out and wash window screens.

9. Wash mirrors and dust artwork.

10. Wash doors and doorknobs.

11. Clean toilet, inside and out. Remove seat and clean around seat bolts.

12. Shine faucets.

13. Empty all cabinets and vanity. Wash inside, replace items neatly. Discard expired medications and cosmetics

14. Sharpen knives

15. Clean crumbs out of toaster.

Bonus Tip: Sort books and magazines. Donate or recycle ones that no longer suit your families interests.

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