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Yukigassen promoting global interaction and breaking down political barriers
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The history of “Yukigassen” as a sport across national boundaries is being created. The number of players is increasing throughout the world, including in Finland where the European Championship is held. A team consists of 9 (7 regular) players and a captain. Yukigassen requires strong willpower, quick judgment and intelligence to create clever tactics. Only your shelter and the snowballs in your hand will protect you from the snowballs thrown by your opponents. You must hide behind your shelter and wait for your chance to fight back. You can launch a surprise attack and capture your opponents’ flag, or hit them with snowballs and win on points. Unknown battles and dramas are waiting for you on the snow-covered court!
Yukigassen Poster Boy - Pelt Dik
Yukigassen Poster Boy - Pelt Dik

You may say, “Wait, that is a snowball fight right? We do that in the States like nobody’s business.” JJ felt the same way, so we took it upon ourselves to assemble a JockJoose team, fly to Japan, and compete in a best of three competition.

Game 1: We clearly didn’t do our homework and were not aware of the 90-snowball limit. However, Team JJ may have set a new record by throwing all 90 snowballs in a mere 14 seconds.

Game 2: Again, we weren’t aware of the 90-snowball rule until we had about 10 left. It didn’t help that none of us speak fluent Japanese and couldn’t understand the judge as he explained the rules before the match. Score one for Team JJ though, as with one snowball left, we pelted some Japanese guy in the side of the head with one of our patented 90 mph laser ice-balls. We call that an earhole here in the USA, Japan! We still lost, but I’ll never forget that Asian man writhing in pain.

Game 3: We decided strategize and dig a tunnel leading to the other team’s fort, where we would pop out unexpectedly and take them by surprise. Unfortunately the tunnel collapsed on the seven-man Team JJ and we had to be rescued by emergency services. Game 3 ended in a tie due to time running out. Score one for us!

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