[Silence] Blow Gun VS Annoying Co-workers

Take down your annoying co-workers in silence: The blow gun. The choice stealth weapon for taking down everyday opponents.

A blowgun (also called a blowpipe or blow tube) is a deadly weapon consisting of a small tube for firing deadly projectiles such as darts. The wielder blows into one end, forcing the dart out the other as high velocity.




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** Also worth mentioning, Scissors can do the job – Slightly less silent but are easily accessible in an office environment, or when your blow gun is just out of reach.

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  1. Another office tip. Dip the points of your blowgun darts in coworker’s old lunches, which can usually be found in the back of the office fridge. This increases the likelihood of infection, and therefor amputation. A well placed dart can even cause a blood infection that can spread to the heart and kill days later.

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