[Sex Tips] The best places to live, so you can get laid

hot single sexPAO readers, now is the time to act. House prices are low, interest rates are down, you can get a first time home buyers credit – and its winter time, so what better gift than a new house?

JUST IN TIME for the holidays, we’ve compiled some top notch info for you – in short, its the ultimate guide to getting laid! Sorta. In more words – we can now tell you where to live, to get laid – at least, if you like hot, fit, single ladies! If you like the fatties, do the opposite of this chart. Want to know the HOT SPOTS? You gotta read on –

And just as you would have guessed.. NEW ENGLAND is the best place to nail hot, single, skinny ladies!!

Hot, Fit and Single in America info graphic

Here’s one New England Hottie – just for an example!

sexy girls waiting for you

3 Replies to “[Sex Tips] The best places to live, so you can get laid”

  1. I’ve been to Boston and the girls may be fit, but most are fairly unattractive. I definitely spotted a bunch of fatties also

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