[SEX] Indoor Prostitution Legal in Rhode Island #sex

indoor prostituteA Providence, RI undercover police officer paid $60 to enter the Midori Spa just blocks from Providence city hall. A massage therapist rubbed the officer’s back, then simulated a sex act with her right hand.

“You want more?” she asked sexily, explaining it would cost an extra $20.

“Next time,” the cop said, as he pussied out and left the establishment. A short while later, the woman and five others were arrested in a prostitution sting… all were released hours later because of a loophole.

Rhode Island’s indoor prostitution loophole went mostly unnoticed until Providence police raided several spas in 2003, and then lost their cases in court because of the loophole. Police can arrest prostitutes operating on street corners, but can’t arrest those operating indoors because the current law specifies outdoor solicitation.

Big government is trying to change the law and outlaw indoor prostitution, opponents to changing current laws, such as Pineappleope.com, say they will never quit the fight as long as they are alive.

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