[Sex Health] Studies Show Allergies Affect Sex Life

Irvine, CA – Sneezing, snorting and wheezing kills your chances of Sex. A new scientific study revealed that allergies are getting in the way of sexual activities.


Not only is sexual intercourse suffering by allergies, but also sex techniques such as fellatio and cunnilingus.

“If you can’t breathe, and your nose is running, and your eyes are itchy, and you’re sneezing, and you feel awful and you feel tired, you don’t feel like getting down,” said Dr. Steve R. Reitman, chairman of the Allergen Institute at the P. Dinny Clinic in Southern California and a lead scientist of the recent study.

171827-1[1]In the study published in the latest edition of People and Time, 83 percent of people with allergies reported that their condition affected sexual activities.

Twenty-nine percent reported that allergies almost never affected sexual intercourse but have affected oral sexual activity and 38.8 percent said it sometimes a combination of both. Another 17 percent answered that allergies have killed all desire for sexual activity.


“It can be speculated that the chronic obstruction, runny nose, sneezing and decreased smell may all result in impacting the satisfaction of sexual activity,” researchers wrote in the study.

“Even the simple act of kissing may be altered by these symptoms. Many people may not feel ‘sexy’ or may actually be embarrassed by their symptoms so that they would avoid intimate contact, such as booger transfusions via kissing,” Adan Michelson added.


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