[Rumors] Rihanna to pose for Playboy #playboy

Singer /paparazzi-favorite Rihanna was spotted leaving the Playboy building in New York City yesterday. The “Umbrella” star was all smiles as fans snapped pictures of her walking to her hotel.

rihanna frontal nudityClearly things have changed in 2009. While the “Good Girl Gone Bad” star posed for personal nude photos, as previously reported, fans got a candid glimpse of Rihanna’s naked body when the pictures made their way online.

Also in the flicks was a young man resembling Rihanna’s then-boyfriend Chris Brown (with women’s panties on his head). Brown’s camp denied releasing the photos.

via Rihanna to pose for Playboy.

Also view the original nude photos!!!

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  1. i have some hardcore pics of a rhianna look alike, ill sell them to you for cheap!

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