[Rough Waters] Pacific Sun Cruise Gone Awry

The Pacific Sun Cruise Liner hit some large swells causing MAYHEM aboard the ship

Cold Hard Stats:

– 17 Casualties (1 Passenger, 1 child under 10years, 2 tweens, 1 teen , 12 Crew)

– 3 Passengers with 8th degree sea burns

– 2 Lost Suitcases

– 3 Limb losses

2 Replies to “[Rough Waters] Pacific Sun Cruise Gone Awry”

  1. I recieved 3rd degree burns while heading at bearing 32 degrees in -20 degree weather while crossing the 49th parallell in my sea vessel, the bluff “Seabeagle”. This was just after finishing a giant slalom and shotput competition in Denmark, which I won of course. The burns did not discouraged me, I still managed to land four Bluegill Seat Turtles and at least on octopus porn star.

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