Review Time: Dominos Pizza with Toppings Food and Drug Administration (PFDA) had a chance to review un pizza from Dominos Pizza, one of the worlds largest pizza suppliers.

It was a nice sunday when….. CLICK BELOW FOR THE FULL REVIEW

It was a nice sunday when after Bloody Marys, IPAs, regular Coronas, a sandwich were had, a Pizza was ordered from Dominos Pizza. This pizza was ordered online through their excellent pizza ordering system. We connected the computer which ordered the pizza to the large television to get big screen updates on the status of the delivery via dominos pizza website. It didn’t take long for the pizza to arrive since the dominos was located a block away, and we knew exactly when the pizza was baking and getting boxed and delivered, thanks to the dominos internet site.

Finally, the thin crust pizza with jalapenos and pepperoni arrived. The pizza was insanely good and went really well with frosty corona. Yes, as you can imagine, the pizza was spicy due to the jalapenos. The pizza had a meat flavoring thanks to the pepperonis. The combination made for one heck of a pizza.

8 fist pumps out of a possible 10! RECOMMENDED

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  1. I can say, with confidence, that in this kitchen i imbibed, without pantameter, one calzone gooey with cheez, and fist, pumped, skyward, cries, once, twice…. silent fist pumps galore.

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