[Review Time] Clif Mojo Trail Mix Bar – Peanut Butter Pretzel and Mixed Nuts | Foodenator

PAO sometimes commissions professional food critics on our sister site, FOODENATOR.COM. Not only does this increase our overall knowledge of all things food, but it also saves my hands from typing too much BS. Sometimes you just gotta let the minions do the work, ya know?

Well, a year ago, we did that – and they reviewed the SHIT out of some Clif Bar Mojo action. Go see for yourself:

[Review Time] Clif Mojo Trail Mix Bar – Peanut Butter Pretzel and Mixed Nuts | Foodenator.

First bite – GOOD. Very GOOD. Like.. really, good. Better than any Clif Bar, Power Bar, Luna Bar, and possibly better than every granola bar ever made. Except for Nature’s Valley Sweet and Salty Nut bars, those are really good. This borders candybar and healthybar like a Mexican in South Texas. Risky, and we can’t figure out which way its supposed to go.

Minutes later, the bar is gone. Its sustainability? Bad. Its too tasty, gets eaten too fast. Being light and crispy, sweet and salty, its hard to stop eating. Taste is good all the way through. No weird after taste. No soy detected, in fact – if it’s there, its hidden nicely.

This reviewer grants the Clif Mojo a solid 9 our of 10 fist pumps. Stay tuned for some live blog after effects!

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