[Review] MIT Maze Pen

For those rabid mazefinger fans, and for those poor saps without iPhones who would like to present the MIT Maze Pen. This pen provided a solid 10 minutes of maze running action, as we worked to move the ball from one end of the pen to the other. Once we succeeded, we opened up new levels of play as we proceeded to move the ball back to the other end of the pen. All in all, a very satisfying experience but with limited replay value.

High Tech Maze Pen
High Tech Maze Pen

As a pen: *** (out of ten)
As a maze: ********** (out of ten)
As an iPhone replacement: ***** (out of ten)
NOTE: As an iPhone replacement, the maze pen sure impressed the girls but we were not able to place or recieve any calls. We might wait for a 3G version of the maze pen to be released, MIT says this will probably happen Q4 of 2009.

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  1. MIT stole my idea – i created maze pens the day after i created coloring book mazes – my 1st gen iphone doesnt have mazefinger, my wife took it away

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