Return of the Hat – OSHA: releases new small arms regs

I was once written up during a “safety inspection” because I had placed an object on top of a book case. The safety officer explained to me that it was against the rules to put anything on top of a bookcase because it might fall on someone’s head and cause injury.

In this case, the object I had put on top of the bookcase was my felt hat. I told the safety officer that, (a) if a felt hat plummeted the one or two feet from the top of the bookcase and landed on someone’s head, it was unlikely to cause injury, and (b) as the bookcase was in my cubicle, the most likely head for the hat to fall on was my own, and if my hat fell onto my head, I might as well take that as a sign that I should just leave it there, put on my coat to match it, and go home.

She was, of course, not amused by my response. Safety officers take their jobs very seriously. Which leads me to the corollary: People who have the most pointless jobs always seem to take them the most seriously.

For more information on OSHA small arms regulations, go blow yourself.

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  1. Well, having a wife and kids has limited the stability of my fingers so i havenot been able to keep up on my pen finger juggling for quite a while. Oh brother. ughhhh

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