Reader questions: Is it SFW? Take our POLL.

Hi PAO, I like to look at many things on the internet while I work. Today I found one that someone said “hey, thats WRONG” and I said no, its RIGHT and it escalated to the brink of a knife fight. So I wanted to ask the authorities on SFW vs NSFW about this image.. ~ Francesco Damaliano

Read our expert opinion.. and SEE THE IMAGE:

Dear Franciscola, you are the right party in this case. Our SFW scanners came up with NO violations on the image you submitted. In fact, it scored a ZERO on our boner-meter, which is an old-school, but trusty fall back measurement device tool.  Readers- what do YOU think?

Is this SFW?

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2 Replies to “Reader questions: Is it SFW? Take our POLL.”

  1. I can tell you, without hesitation, that the above image, is in fact, sfw, on all levels.

    it is my belief, that anyone, among all races and sexes and religions, who might, in fact, think that this is nsfw, should in fact, be locked in prison

  2. i don’t understand the question. i see nothing remotely racy here???? IS THIS A MAGIC EYE?

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