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Making friends in Montana
Making friends in Montana

Largebuck here. Out here in Montana they take bull riding and stuff real serious. In order to blend in with the natives, I decided I better attend to my inexperience with some much needed practice. After loading up the Land Rover with seagull jerky, and lacing several gallons of water with methamphetamine, I began searching for a ranch to practice my craft. I began the search the lands around the cabin, using a rigid grid pattern. But something in the peyote buttons I was chewing on reacted with the seagull meat or the meth, I am not sure which. In any case, my search grid took on a fractal dimension the second day. By day three I was just driving around willy nilly when I stumbled onto a whole dairy filled with bovine like creatures. I peered through my third eye to see more clearly, and they were in fact cattle! Elated, I began by earning the creatures trust. Leaving my .44 Magnum in the Land Rover, I stripped down to show them I was unarmed. At this point I proceeded into the field, unmolested by the hairy beasts, who for some reason seemed to be mildly anxious about my presence. Alas, I searched the nether regions of every single cow in the ranch and not a single one had cock or balls! In other words, no bulls, and no bull riding. I will have to find some other way to blend in here. But being on the dairy farm did bring up an interesting question that I beg our readers to explain. Please see the poll after the break…

Supposition: Suppose a prison has a dairy, and as depicted in the Kurt Vonnegut novel Breakfast of Champions, the prisoners have sex with the cows and the milk from the cows is sold to the public.

If a prisoner has sex with a cow in the prison dairy, what chance is there that someone drinking that cow's milk will catch that STD?

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sexy_cownot quite getting it


Cows Tittyfucking

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