[Police Log] Women Dressed as Stormtrooper Arrested for Sexual Harrasment at NYU

New York, NY – Ten students at NYU have accused 27 year old vagrant Dorothy MacSwoon of molestation and sexual harassment. The assailant MacSwoon, was arrested Friday morning upon suspicion of groping, fondling and harassing students while dressed as a Star Wars Stormtrooper, over the course of two years. Dorothy is currently awaiting trial, set to take place in May. If found guilty, she faces up to 15 years in prison and a $400,000 fine.

Sexual harassment is common on the NYU campus with 62 percent of college students saying they had been molested or received a gesture they found inappropriate. The number of victims in this case will likely double as most don’t report such incidents to campus employees or other officials.

Following Dorothy MacSwoon’s arrest, officials reviewed a Role-playing blog maintained by the assailent and discovered racy photos of Dorothy donning stormtrooper garb. The blog site has since been taken down, but PAO is lucky enough to have obtained several of MacSwoon’s photos…

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  1. Sexual assault is nearly impossible to avoid when fishing. A common technique, called fishhooking, is sticking your finger in the fishes mouth to lift him or her into the boat. You don’t normally ask for permission. But I have yet to be arrested for it.

  2. CHILL if youy think its BAd to be sexually assulated you just have to change your PERSPECTIVS mang, its not all bad ya know what i sayin? sometimes you gotta give to GET. RIGHT? give it!

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