Tips to Succeed. Ep. 4

open flyThere comes a point in ones life when you run into zipper problems. These zipper problems can range from pants zipper all the way to jacket zipper. Don’t consider these zipper problems life ending. Fix the zipper. Today at we will show you zipper mastery.

You will need:
* A pair of pliers
* Glue Stick
* Scissors
* Thick thread – This is thicker than regular tweed
* Needle
* Wax
~Now your Ready~

With your clothing article with the problem on. Remove the metal stopper at the bottom of the zipper with a pair of pliers. You can do it with muscle,

Zip the zipper all the way down to the bottom, stopping just below the last of the teeth. Don’t think about pulling it off completely.

Using your fingers, slowly rearrange the teeth of the zipper so that one side isn’t bunched up. Straighten them out. Slowly zip up the zipper halfway, paying careful attention to whether or not the teeth are not locking together.

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Using a needle and thread, sew around the place where the metal stopper was. The idea is to replace it with thread. Sew around and around the bottom of the zipper until you have about six stitches in place. Use more stitches if you need to. Tie off in a knot on the backside of the zipper.

Pull your zipper all the way to the top. It shouldn’t catch anymore. If you zipper gets misaligned again one day, just remove the stitching with a seam ripper and repeat this simple fix.

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