Teaches Small Talk

small talker is here to teach y’all a thing or two about small talk, you know you want to. Small talk isn’t for everyone. Here are some promising tips on small talk

Practice. Converse with me, you and everyone you come across: cashiers, hookers, waiters, people you’re in line with, tri-genders , neighbors, sluts, co-workers and kids. Chat with folks unlike yourself, from seniors to teens to tourists.
Read everything: cookbooks, mags, newspapers, magazines, reviews, product inserts, indigenous weekly, maps, signs and catalogs. Everything is a source of information that can be discussed via small talk.
Force yourself to get into small talk situations, like doctors’ waiting rooms, cocktail parties, doctors’ offices and office meetings. Accept invitations and host your own gathering or party.
Immerse yourself in culture, both high and not high. Television, music, sports, fashion, art and poetry are great sources of small talk. If you can’t stand small talk, that too is a good topic for small talk.
Step5 Brought to you by: onionrings
Keep a journal. Write down funny stories you hear, beautiful things you see, quotes, observations, shopping lists and calls you made. That story of the long-distance operator misunderstanding you could become an opening line.

Talk to yourself in the mirror. Make a random list of topics and see what you have to say on the subjects. Chix, Sex, joel, fingerloss, shoes …the more varied your list, the better.
Expand your horizons. Go home a new way. Try sushi. Play pinball. Go online. Stalk someone different. Bake a pie. Everyday.
Be a better listener. Did your boss just say she suffers from withdrawal? These are opportunities for making small talk.
Work on confidence, overcoming feelings of stage fright. Remember, the more you know, the more you know you can talk about.

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