Pineappleope-omatic Issue 1 – Joining Gangs ’09. Stolen from ATC, is implementing its new pineappleope-omatic. Today is the first pineappleope-omatic issue.
dr owl
Try to Understand Why You Might Join Gangs
Many times you have no choice. The pressure to join a gang may be very strong. You may join a gang as a means of protection from rival gangs. Protecting yourself from the law teaches responsibility.

Gang activities are exciting. You like to take risks. Gangs provide opportunities.
Obtaining money fast can be overwhelming at first, but its not for a gang member. Good gangs are involved in drugs and other criminal activities that give you more opportunities to get money quickly. You will be offered more money for delivering a package or being a lookout than your parents ever earned in a week. A gang member on his own “turf” is openly hostile

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