[Parking] Man Drives Car Through House in Parking Mishap

May 17, in Lancaster, Pa. (Today)

In the image above, a tow truck operator looks to tow a Jeep Liberty after the driver, Duke Smiths, who claims the accelerator stuck, drove it through the back wall of his garage on Monday, The Smiths suffered 2 broken elbows, 3 broken ribs, broken jawbone, a broken collar bone, 1 broken finger, and a concussion.

An investigation will take place, according to Burt Thompson of the Lancaster Police Department. “We have not ruled out the possibility that Duke Smiths was under the influence of one thing or another. Signs point to Crystal Meth.”

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  1. yo aw shit! i dun ssay what be it yo – shiit dawg. slap ma fro! this be whack, i dun think it be done!

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