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See here is the thing. Currently, PAO staff are assigned mostly Dell laptops. These laptops have certain inherent performance characteristics and limitations. Shitsweak. On the other hand, PAO staff regularly has to negotiate intensive techknuckle projects, often going head-to-head with well armed trolls and annoying dialog boxes built and funded by multinational conglomerates. Lives are at risk here. Every second thousands of dollars are at stake. We, the newly formed District 7 PAO Labor Union, are demanding immediate and comprehensive conversion of our laptop based workstations to fully-functioning holodecks. These improvements will dramatically affect all aspects of the company perfomance, essentially synergizing vertically like pissing up a ladder. If any of our readers are familiar with or can provide drawings and/or ongoing support for a complete holodeck overhaul, please let us know.

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  1. I think we are gettgin orange laptops but right now We just need to get the system back up man, its down!!!!! !!

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