PAO asks – have you LARPed today?

Pineappleope junior resident psychologist asks us every friday – “have you LARPed today?” – and for good reason! According to Herbert Crankston, DMD, LARPing can reduce stress, and improve your level abilities by as much as 3fold. It is a great way to enhance your nunchuck skills, bowfighting skills, and even battle real life mythical creatures like Ligers and Dragons, oh my! Granted your real life creature might be physically disabled and tremendously overweight – it still creates grounds for fantastic action.

LARPing studies are underway to prove that LARP is better than playing sports, due to the imaginative methods used, as well as the fact that girls simply won’t WANT to play. As we know, they tend to ruin everything – like Dodgeball in gym class. Its always some girl getting hurt.

As a 2009 initiative, PAO execs have launched “LARP day” which is much like the classic “Field Day” from your younger days. Our first LARP day was a phenomenal success – check out the clip after the bumpity jump bump!

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