New Pineappleope Fellowship Awarded

Hi readers! We here at have had a crazy week, expanding to new niches, flying bareback on blade and bud. We never rest, so that you don’t have to! But face it folks, this is a 27/4 proposition and we need more help. So we have contracted with the prestigious orifices of Hammersballs & Steeple, to bring over a very talented writer/investigator/religous-cult-sacrifice. We hope she can bring a whole new viewpoint to our myopic team. She better, cuz at the rates were paying we don’t have any other choice! Also, put up with her funny accents and the way she pronounces “frog”, she is foriegn. We think. We don’t know because she works remotely. Only time will tell, so without further ado we give you… shit where did she go?

Stay tuned folks:

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