[Naughtiest Meal] Burger King Offers Sex Toys with Whopper or Fish Fillet

Our International PAO team in Israel reports that Burger King is giving a new ‘twist’ on the traditional Happy Meal. For Valentine’s Day, and hopefully forever, the fast food chain will offer “adult meals” for folks who are at least 18 years old. The meal will come with banging adult toys for the most extreme erotic adventures in your bed or public.

Here are the 3 possible adult meal toys you will be lucky enough to obtain (after the break…):

1. Universal old man toy:

2.burger king king’s wet mouth:

3. Having it your way plug:

Thanks for making dreams come true, Burger King.

7 Replies to “[Naughtiest Meal] Burger King Offers Sex Toys with Whopper or Fish Fillet”

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