[MLSVD] Xtremely Into the Music Tournament 2011

Major League Synchronized Video Dancing is back with footage from the latest MLSVD Tournament “Xtremely Into the Music Tournament 2011”.

Up first is Shay Laren, dancing synchronizedly to the bongos!!

Up next is the MLSVD Japanese team pulling off MLSVD history with 5+ dancers dancing synchronized:

Continue to the next page to watch the rest of the MLSVD players:

Up next is Ynga Lingling from China, the far east, going the classical route with some piano:

Here is Minaki Saotome showing off her MLSVD skillz….

AND the winner is……

Team Japanese!

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  1. WHY has it been SO long since you paosted one of these omg i love it i am gonna go JackSparrow all over the place

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