[Medical Investigation] Shaky Hand Syndrome

The medical community has been battling over ‘shaky leg syndrome’ and ‘restless leg syndrome’ for years. Pineappleope.com discovers new syndrome within the offices of Pineappleope.com – the ‘shaky hand syndrome.’ Here is a video of classic shaky hand syndrome. Notice the hand shaking.

The only treatment? Eating a lot, putting on so much weight into your hands that the shakiness is weighed down so heavily the hand does not shake because its to lazy to move so much weight

10 Replies to “[Medical Investigation] Shaky Hand Syndrome”

  1. fck you PAO. FCK U.

    MY hands shake for many reasons that have nothing to do with the fact that i weight 430 pounds, don’t fit in my car and i hate my wife.

    i am very active in the fish community. it takes alot of work. assholes.

  2. can you tie a fly with those hands????

    you have a couple things going against you… fat hands…… shaking…. heavy breathing./.. clogged arteries…

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