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  1. On his 30th birthday in 2008, Macartney competed in the Hahnenkamm downhill in Kitzb├╝hel, Austria. The second racer on the course, he had an excellent run going until he suffered a spectacular fall just five seconds from the finish line. After descending the high-speed Zielschuss section and reaching a speed of 87.7 mph (141.2 km/h), Macartney was challenging for a top ten finish. At the final jump (Zielsprung), he was twisted left while airborne and could not recover. During the high-speed crash he impacted hard on his right side; his skis released, as did his protective helmet after a direct impact with the icy course. He lost consciousness, then twisted and spun on the hard snow. Macartney came to a stop just across the finish line, arriving boots first and face down with his body quivering, ski pole straps still attached to his wrists. He received immediate medical attention and was airlifted by helicopter to a hospital in Innsbruck. He is said to have suffered bruising to the brain but did not require surgery at the time; he had been put in an induced coma.[1] The next day he recovered more quickly than expected, regained consciousness, made jokes, and had doctors expecting a full recovery.[2] Despite crashing and sliding across the finish line unconscious without his skis or helmet, Macartney did not miss a gate. He finished the race in 33rd place with a time of 1:55.91, 3.16 seconds behind the winner, Didier Cuche. [2] Macartney’s speed at the end of the Zielschuss was 87.7 mph (141.2 km/h), the highest of the race. The next closest speed was 86.5 mph (139.2 km/h) by Bode Miller, who came in tied for second.

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