[live blogging] Waiting for FedEx Truck

Pineappleope is recieving undisclosed package from FedEx delivery man. PAO is on hand to live blog this event

10:18 – The wait is on…

10:30 – Drinking a coffee, brewed by my own two hands. No FedEx truck in sight

10:39 – Just about half way through my coffee

10:52 – No sign of FedEx, growing increasingly pissed

10:57 – Grabbed binoculars for better view

11:01 – I spotted squirrels… no f’in truck yet – growing more impatient

11:06 – This apple liveblogging cell phone is on it’s last legs after 1 hr of strenuous and cutting edge 3g use, looking for charger

11:10 – Package arrived, Yes

11:20 – UNBOXING

11:38 – Almost unboxed


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