KFC Has A Bacon Sandwich That Uses Fried Chicken As “Bread”

PAO Food analysts just busted open a heartening story about KFC, chicken, and bacon. To help the country cut back on carbs, KFC has introduced, in select test (read: fat) markets – a new sandwich without bread! And to make Mr Atkins roll over happily in his grave, fried chicken is the buns, bacon the meat. Cheese is still cheese, but who knows what the gravy is.

Meet the KFC “double down.” Although no mention of it is made on KFC.com and we have never seen an ad for it ourselves, we are being lead to believe that it is real by¬†Foodgeekery.com. They have crappy cell phone camera footage of a commercial (from Omaha, apparently) for the mysterious beast, as well as photographic evidence of it in the wild.

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