[Its Miley!] [Giving a Lap Dance!] Miley Cyrus going after Lohan’s crown??

breaking: MILEY CYRUS’s career is going down in flames! Caught on tape trying to turn a gay man straight! Watch LIVE.

What the naysayers say:

  • Ladies and gentleman…I’m proud to introduce…the new…the improved…Lindsay Lohan 2.0!
  • Miley is certainly old enough to know this is inappropriate! She is basically rubbing up against him making plenty of contact. He’s 44! Why didn’t this man back off? Oh that’s right, he had a 16 year old girl rubbing up against his crotch. I am no prude but this is so very wrong for so many reasons. Where are her parents???
  • Miley will be pregnant…again, in two years…this time she will not abort.She will name the child Billy Bob, John Boy, Square Pants are you freakin’ Cyrus.
  • What a little HO!!!!
  • Virginity like bubble, one prick all gone.
  • I dislike Miley Cyrus, but in all honesty, I was dancing like this at my grade 11 school dances onwards…
  • 6 Replies to “[Its Miley!] [Giving a Lap Dance!] Miley Cyrus going after Lohan’s crown??”

    1. damnn girl, fuckin hawt! you guys got any raunchier vidz of mily? any more vanessa pics???

      mily on vanessa pics??? them 2 goin to town on each other, young love

    2. HEY BETHY, if she was saving her nanny for YOU, how’d I get THIS picture? HEHEHehhehehehe!

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