Its iPhone Eve Numero CINQO!

camping out for iphone 5
Yeah, PAO Enterprises has been waiting over a year for the latest installment of Apple Awesomeness in our pants.

Rumors are everywhere about the iPhone 5 – that it might be a 4S and not a 5!! Good god could you imagine? We have – actually, we have reasons to believe that there is on 5, but yes, just a 4S. Why? This image..

What is going on there? Well this hot babe is doing something NEW with what appears to be an iPhone 4. But.. its clearly not something you can do with a regular 4 – so our team of CSI folks have determined that this babe is looking at the first EVER Picture in Picture iPhone! Yes- the stand out feature of the iPhone 4S will be PiP technology – you can watch Youtubez while you are on the telephone. CRAZY SHIZ. And you heard that shit here first.

3 Replies to “Its iPhone Eve Numero CINQO!”

  1. preordered mine in 2006. its been a wait and a half, lol

    ~ currently camped outside apple store cincinatti ~ REDS FTW

  2. my 4S sucks more than a sucky suck suck. GOD DAMMIT. why did jobs hav to die? he was gone make iphone 5, now we stuck wtih shit.

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