[iPhone][Apps] Find Weed on Your iPhone, today


Jonesin’ for some weed? PAO is… Cannabis.

Cannabis,” the all new $1.99 application for the iPhone which lets you find REAL marijuana across the USA.

For those foreign iPhone users, it has guides just for you to the friendliest hash bars around!

The app is the creation of AJNAG, or Activists Justifying the Natural Agriculture of Ganja, a Los Angeles-based online group created in 2006 to “connect, educate and empower individuals on the cultural, economic, and medicinal benefits of legalization, production, regulation, distribution, and taxation of Cannabis sativa,” according to the group’s Web site.

AJNAG says it’ll donate 50 cents for every purchase of the “Cannabis” app to an as-yet nonexistent “cannabis non-profit reform fund, which will be set up once the application reaches 1000 subscriptions.”

To date, this is one of the most practical and useful applications on the iPhone. This is one MUST HAVE app from Apple’s store you “won’t want to live without“.

(PAO is in the midst of reviewing the app, check back at a later date for full review)

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