[iPhone 4 Rumor Mill] Release date, new ‘iOdor’ feature??

Two late breaking Friday rumors:

1. Jobs, Steve, will be announcing the new iPhone this coming Monday, June 7th. Get fuckin ready.

2. Ready for this? Maybe its TOO crazy to be real.. but we’ve got 3 sources from Foxconn who are reporting a “groundshattering” feature to iPhone4. They could not give any details other than “its under your nose”. Is it the fabled “iOdor” ??

We know it will have voice and video.. so.. does this mean the iPhone4 will have SMELLs?  Imagine what this will do to the App Store!! Imagine the cookbooks! The “adult” games! Holy crap.. I am salivatin, yo.

For those still stuck with the outgoing, dead, “worm eaten” iPhones, we give you a consolation prize – free wallpaper (cut to your iPhone home screen dimensions). Click on to get that.. too bad you won’t be able to smell it though. Daang.

2 Replies to “[iPhone 4 Rumor Mill] Release date, new ‘iOdor’ feature??”

  1. If iOdor works on iPhone , the technology will be stolen and integrated on pao, mark my words

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