[How To] Make Someone Shut Up

Do you know someone who just won’t be quiet when you want them to? Do they just talk and talk and make you want to put a gun to your head? Well, here are possible steps to shut them up.

arnold shut up

1. If they start talking to you, look away.
2. Pretend that they aren’t there and walk away
3. If they ask why you’re ignoring them, don’t answer their question.
4. Keep avoiding them for as long as possible until they get the message and stop talking to you.
5. Don’t ever smile
6. Make up medical excuse, escape the situation
7. Just tell them to shut up. Be serious about this and don’t show them you’re joking.
8. If in doubt, just ask the person to be quiet.
9. Tell them that you don’t care about what they’re saying. And to shut up
10. Walk away, walk it off
11. Find a way to keep their mouth closed, possibly with force.

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