Yeah, that’s right. The end of the world in this year. EVer. Its all going down, like that big ball, in just over a DAY. 

PAO has taken precautions, have you? We’re running out to the grocery store – every staff member – to stock our bomb shelter with all the 2008 milk, bread, and ice cream that we can get our grubby little hands on. Seriously folks, you cannot trust that shit from 2009 – there’s NO WAY of knowing what future food will be like.  One of the risks of 2009 food is.. WHO IS TOUCHING YOUR FOOD? Hmm? In 2008, you know who it is. Its that fcking candadian with the hat, or the infamous Avalon disc spinner, MC CHILL. Fortunately in winter, CHILL is not around since its GS season, he’s swamped with all the shredding going on. But here’s the big concern for 2009:

2 Replies to “HOLY CRAP, the END is NEAR”

    Step 1: Hold your yam in your right or left hand.
    Step 2: Place unwrapped prophylactic in mouth, behind lips but in front of teeth.
    Step 3: Insert squash/yam into mouth and throat, suppressing gag reflex. Allow prophalactic to unroll, enveloping vegetable in safe latex protection.

    (NOTE) Squashes and yams of the lesbian persuasion may want to consider dental dams for maximum safety.

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